COOKING for an invalid is by no means a difficult task; but care is necessary in order that the product may be as appetizing and as digestible as possible. The serving, too, is important: only the daintiest china and glass should be used in the sick room; for the patient is seldom hungry and needs to be "tempted" in every possible way.

Lamb Broth

2 pounds neck of lamb 1 teaspoon salt

1 quart cold water

Clean the meat with a damp cloth; remove the skin and fat; cut the meat into small pieces and hack or separate the bones. Put bones and meat into a saucepan; add cold water; let stand one hour; then heat gradually and let it cook below the boiling point for two hours. Strain through a sieve; season and serve, adding a little boiled rice if desired.

Beef Tea

1 pound ground lean beef 1 pint cold water

Salt and pepper

Choose beef from the under side of the round, as that contains the greatest strength, and have it ground. Put it in a closely covered saucepan and let it stand on the range, without boiling, for twenty minutes; then boil for six minutes; strain and season.

Arrowroot Water

2 pippin apples 1 teaspoon arrowroot

1 quart water Sugar

Pinch of grated nutmeg

Wash the apples and cut them into small pieces, removing the core. Put them in the cold water over the fire and boil until the apples are soft, which will take an hour or more. Mix the arrowroot in a little cold water until perfectly smooth; stir into the apple water; let all boil together for ten minutes; strain through a sieve; sweeten to taste and set aside to cool. Serve as a drink with a little grated nutmeg over the top.

Flaxseed Tea

1 tablespoon flaxseed 1 lemon

1 quart boiling water Sugar

Put the flaxseed in a pitcher and pour over it the boiling water. Add the juice of the lemon and a few strips of peel, cut off with a sharp knife. Sweeten to taste. This, taken at bed-time, is an excellent remedy for a cold.

Toast Water

2 slices bread 3 pints boiling water

2 tablespoons currant jelly

Cut the bread half an inch thick; toast very brown on both sides, but do not scorch. Break them in pieces; pour the boiling water over them; add the currant jelly and stir until it is thoroughly dissolved. When cold, strain and serve, adding cracked ice if desired.

Albumenized Water

1 cup cold water 1 teaspoon lemon juice

White of 1 egg 1 teaspoon sugar

Put the water, egg, lemon juice and sugar In a covered jar and shake until all the ingredients are thoroughly blended. Stand on the ice and shake again just before serving.

Rice Water

1 tablespoon rice 1 quart water or milk


Wash the rice and put it over the fire with the quart of water. When it comes to a boil set it where it will simmer until the rice becomes a pulp. Let it settle; pour off and sweeten to taste. Serve either hot or cold.