Roast Duck

Draw the ducks; stuff, truss and roast the same as chicken. Serve with giblet sauce and currant jelly. If small, the ducks should be cooked in an hour.

Roast Turkey

Singe and clean the turkey the same as chicken. Fill with plain or oyster stuffing; roast and serve with giblet sauce and cranberry sauce. If the turkey is very large it will require three hours or longer; a small one will require only an hour and a half. Baste frequently, as turkey is apt to be more dry than chicken.

Pigeon Pie

Clean and cut each bird in four quarters. Line the sides of a deep baking dish with plain crust and put a layer of salt pork in the bottom. Then put in a layer of birds, seasoned with pepper and salt, dredged with flour and covered with small pieces of butter. Put in other layers to fill the dish; cover with thin slices of pork; pour over all a cup or more of broth or water; cover with crust and bake for about an hour. Leave an opening in the center of the crust and if the pie seems dry, add more water.


Partridges may be split and broiled or stuffed and roasted. Serve with giblet sauce to which a little currant jelly has been added.


Prepare, stuff and roast the same as chicken. Serve with currant jelly and giblet sauce to which a little currant jelly has been added.

Guinea Fowls

Fill and serve like ducks with currant jelly or cranberry sauce.

Reed Birds

Clean the birds and dip each in beaten egg; roll in cracker dust which has been seasoned with pepper and salt, and fry in boiling-hot fat. Or broil the birds and serve them on toast with a little pepper and salt.


Quail may be boiled like chicken and served with currant jelly or roasted. For roasting truss the legs and wings to the body; cover the breast of each with a slice of bacon; and roast for fifteen or twenty minutes, basting frequently with a little water. Serve with giblet sauce to which a little currant jelly has been added.

Roasted Grouse

Clean the grouse the same as chicken; put a small piece of butter inside each bird and truss into shape. Roast in a hot oven twenty-five or thirty minutes, basting frequently with melted butter. Boil the liver until tender; mash it to a paste with butter and seasoning; spread over thin slices of buttered toast moistened with juice from the pan, and lay the grouse on these slices.

Haunch Of Venison Roasted

Wipe the meat carefully with a wet cloth and cover with a large sheet of buttered paper. Make a thick paste of flour and water; roll out three quarters of an inch thick; lay over the fat side of the haunch; cover with three or four sheets of thick white paper and tie securely with cord. Put in a dripping pan and roast, basting frequently to prevent the paper and string from burning. A haunch of twelve pounds will require three hours to roast; a larger one longer. Half an hour before it is done, remove from the oven; cut the strings; take off paste and paper; dredge with flour, salt and pepper; return to the oven and roast to a fine brown. Serve with brown sauce to which a tablespoon of currant jelly has been added.

Neck And Shoulder Of Venison

Season and roast the same as mutton and serve with currant jelly

Venison Steak

Have the steak cut half an inch thick; broil over a bright fire, turning frequently. When done, season with red pepper and salt. Melt over the fire a tablespoon of currant jelly with a piece of butter the size of an egg; pour over the steaks and serve.