2 stale rolls Boiling water

1 tablespoon sugar Grated nutmeg

Toast the rolls very brown, but do not scorch them; break into a bowl; sprinkle with sugar and a little grated nutmeg and pour over them sufficient boiling water to moisten thoroughly.

If desired, a little flavoring may be added.

French Panada

1 stale tea biscuit teaspoon butter

Boiling water Yolk of 1 egg

Salt 2 tablespoons milk

Break the biscuit into a saucepan; pour over it boiling water sufficient to cover; boil five minutes; add butter and a little salt and mix well. Then stir in the egg yolk, well beaten in the milk; bring all to a boil and serve.

Milk Toast No. 1

1 cup scalded milk teaspoon salt

3 slices buttered toast

Spread fresh toast with butter and sprinkle with salt. Pour the scalded milk over the toast and serve at once.

Milk Toast No. 2

1 cup scalded milk 1 tablespoon flour

1 tablespoon butter teaspoon salt

3 slices toast

Cook the flour in the butter, but do not brown it; add the milk gradually; season and pour over the toast.

Cream Toast

1 slice bread 1 cup cream


Cut the bread half an inch thick and toast it brown on both sides. Lay it on a hot plate; sprinkle with salt; pour over it the cream, heated but not boiled, and serve at once.

Soaked Crackers

Place several soda crackers in a soup plate; pour over them boiling water and let stand for about a minute. Drain off the water and serve with butter and salt, butter and nutmeg, cream and salt, or cream and sugar.

Hot milk may be substituted for the boiling water if desired.

Egg Milk-Shake

1 egg 1 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon sugar Milk to fill glass

Grated nutmeg

Beat the egg separately and then together; add sugar and flavoring, using a larger quantity if desired. Turn into a glass; fill the glass with milk; shake well and grate a little nutmeg over' the top.

This is delicious when frozen. Make a custard of the egg, milk and sugar, using an extra quantity of sugar. When almost frozen add the flavoring and an equal quantity of sweetened whipped cream.

Sunshine Orange

Soak an orange in hot water for half an hour, until it is heated to the core. Remove the skin, which will peel easily, and the pulp will be sweet, as if the orange had just been picked in the sun.

Lemon Foam

1 cup water 2/3 cup sugar

1 level tablespoon cornstarch White of 1 egg

1 lemon

Dissolve the cornstarch in a little water; add the remainder of the water and the sugar and cook rapidly for three minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from the fire; stir in the white of the egg, beaten stiff, and the juice of the lemon. Turn into molds; let stand for twelve hours and serve.

Lemon Whey

1 cup milk 1 small lemon

1 teaspoon sugar

Heat the milk; add the lemon and let it stand over the fire until the curd separates; strain; add the sugar and serve hot or cold.