Huckleberry Pudding

1 egg

1 cup sugar

1 heaping tablespoon butter

1 cup milk

1 cups flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 pint berries

Beat the egg with the sugar and butter; add the milk and sifted flour and baking powder. When thoroughly mixed add the huckleberries, previously washed and drained and dredged with flour. Pour into a buttered baking dish and bake in a moderate oven. Serve with lemon or fruit sauce.

Berry Pudding

1 quart bread crumbs 2 eggs

1 pint milk 1 quart berries

Pinch of salt

Soak the broken bread crumbs in the milk; add the eggs well beaten, the salt and the berries, washed and drained. Steam in a buttered mold for three hours and serve with either hard sauce or fruit sauce.

Steamed Fruit Pudding

2 cups flour

3 teaspoons baking powder Pinch of salt

1 egg

1 cup milk

2 cups fruit

Sift the flour and baking powder together; stir in the beaten egg and the milk gradually. Mix until smooth; add the fruit, washed, drained and well dredged with flour; stir carefully and empty into a greased tin can or pudding mold. Cover; stand in a pot of boiling water and boil continuously for three hours. Serve with sugar and cream or with hard sauce.

Peach Cobbler

1 quart peaches 1 cup water 1 cups sugar ⅓ cup milk

1⅓ cups flour

1 teaspoon baking powder teaspoon salt

2 eggs

Wash and pare the peaches; cut them in halves and cook with one cup of sugar and the water until the peaches are tender. Empty into a baking dish, reserving one half cup of syrup. Sift the flour, salt and baking powder; add the remaining sugar and eggs, and mix thoroughly with the milk and the remaining syrup. Pour the batter over the peaches and bake in a moderate oven for one half hour. Serve hot, with or without sauce.

Date Sponge

1 quart scalded milk 6 tablespoons cornstarch 1 cup cold milk 1 tablespoon butter

teaspoon salt

cup sugar

pound dates

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon lemon extract

Date Sponge Walnut and Date Dainty

Date Sponge Walnut and Date Dainty

To the scalded milk add the cornstarch, mixed smooth with the cold milk, and stir until smooth. Add butter, salt and sugar; cover and let cook over boiling water for twenty minutes. Then add the dates, stoned and chopped, and the flavoring. Cook for ten minutes longer, stirring all the time; pour into a glass dish and when cool decorate with whole stoned dates.


1 cake compressed yeast

cup milk, scalded and cooled

2 tablespoons sugar 2 cups sifted flour

4 eggs

cup butter, melted cup almonds, shredded teaspoon salt

Dissolve the yeast and sugar in lukewarm milk; add one half cup of flour. Beat well; cover and set aside in a warm place, free from draft, for fifteen minutes. Then add the rest of the flour, almonds, butter, eggs unbeaten, one at a time, and the salt. Beat ten minutes; pour into thickly buttered molds; cover and set aside to rise in a warm place, free from draft, until double in bulk - about forty-five minutes. Bake forty-five minutes in a moderate oven. Fill the center with whipped cream and serve with caramel sauce.