peck of clams in shell

3 potatoes

pound bacon

1 tablespoon chopped onion

1 quart hot milk

6 rolled crackers

1 tablespoon chopped parsley

teaspoon salt

saltspoon pepper

Wash the elams and place them over the fire in a large covered kettle, with sufficient water to keep the under ones from burning. When the shells at the top have opened, remove all the clams, and when cool enough to handle take them from the shells. Remove the skins and cut into small pieces, leaving the soft part whole. Let the liquor settle; then pour off the top, being careful not to take any of the sediment.

Cut the potatoes into small dice and parboil them, pouring off the water afterward. Cut the bacon in very thin slices and fry. Remove the bacon and fry the onion in the bacon fat and strain. Then boil bacon, onions and potatoes together until the potatoes are tender Use just enough boiling water to cover them, and drain when done.

Reheat the clams and their liquor; add the hot milk, seasoning, rolled crackers, bacon, onion and potatoes; let all simmer together for five minutes; add the parsley and serve.