Cheese Souffle

2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour cup scalded milk

teaspoon salt Dash of red pepper cup grated cheese

3 eggs

Melt the butter and mix thoroughly with the flour; then add the hot milk gradually and the salt, red pepper and cheese. Remove from the fire and add the beaten yolks. Cool the mixture; fold in the beaten whites; pour into a buttered baking dish and cook about twenty minutes in a slow oven. Serve at once or the souffle will not be light.

Cheese Rolls

A large variety of rolls may be made by combining cooked beans, lentils or peas with cheese and adding bread crumbs to make the mixture thick enough to form into a roll. Beans are usually mashed, but peas or lima beans may be combined whole with bread crumbs and grated cheese and enough of the water in which the vegetables have been cooked to insure the right consistency.

Chopped spinach, beet greens or lettuce may be used instead of the legumes if desired.

Cottage cheese, cream cheese, American or English dairy cheese may be used.

Baked Rice

2 cups boiled rice 1 cup grated cheese 1 tablespoon butter

cup milk

Salt and red pepper

Bread crumbs

Arrange the rice in a baking dish in layers, covering each with cheese, a little milk, butter, salt and red pepper. Spread bread crumbs over all and bake in a moderate oven until the crumbs are browned.

English dairy cheese is preferred for this, although American cheese will do.

English Rice

cup rice cup cooked tomatoes

cup pecans 1 saltspoon salt

Dash of pepper

Wash, boil and drain the rice. Strain the tomatoes and add to them the seasoning. Put a layer of rice in the bottom of a baking dish, then a layer of nuts, then rice, then nuts again until the entire quantity is used, making the last layer of rice. Pour the tomatoes over this and bake in a moderate oven thirty minutes.

Peanut Butter

Nuts are found indigestible chiefly because of the impossibility of grinding them fine enough with the teeth. The value of nut butters is therefore obvious.

Almost any kind of nut will make good butter, but peanuts are perhaps the best and the most generally available. Pound freshly roasted nuts in a mortar or put them through a chopper, using the knife designed especially for the making of nut butters. Season with salt and add a little olive oil if desired. In most cases the oil from the nuts is sufficient to moisten the butter.

Nut And Fruit Cheese

pound figs

pound seeded raisins

pound dates

2 ounces almonds 2 ounces pine nuts 2 ounces Brazil nuts

pound pecans

Wash the fruit and stone the dates. Mix thoroughly with the nuts and put through a meat chopper. Press the mixture into baking powder tins and stand in a cool place. When wanted for use loosen the sides with a thin knife-blade and turn out on a board. Cut into thin slices and serve in the place of meat or put between thin slices of buttered bread.