Cut heads and feet off six fat plovers, split open through backs without separating, draw and remove bones from breasts. Lay on a table, season with a half teaspoon salt, a saltspoon each cayenne, grated nutmeg and mixed spices, then spread a teaspoon of pate de foie gras over each. Cut a large truffle in six quarters, place one quarter over each bird, fold up and keep on a plate. Finely chop a pound each raw lean veal and fresh fat pork, place both in mortar with a teaspoon salt, two saltspoons cayenne, a saltspoon nutmeg and two egg yolks, pound to a very smooth pulp, add a half gill sherry, mix well, and rub force through sieve into a bowl. Line interior of an oval cocottc earthen tureen with thin slices larding pork, spread a layer of force at bottom and sides of tureen, place the six plovers in tureen crosswise, sprinkle over a tablespoon finely chopped truffle and fill tureen with balance of force, giving it a dome shape. Cover surface with thin slices of lard, place a sprig bay leaf on top, cover tureen, place in a roasting tin and pour hot water in pan up to two-thirds height of tureen. Set in oven for an hour and fifteen minutes, remove, place in a cool place and lift up cover.

Place a board same size as tureen over pate, lay a pound weight on it, keep in that condition until cold, turn pate on table, remove lard, and thoroughly wash and wipe inside of tureen. Set tureen on ice, pour in some melted jelly to quarter-inch thickness and let set. Cut a small truffle in. thin slices, then with small star cutter cut out as many star-like pieces as you can, place all around bottom of jelly, replace plovers in tureen, pour jelly all around edges and cover birds, etc., with it. When thoroughly set unmould on a cold dish with a folded napkin and serve.