Finely chop three ounces fresh halibut or codfish, place in mortar with white of an egg, thoroughly pound to a paste, rub through sieve into a bowl, set bowl on ice, add little by little two tablespoons thick cream, and sharply mix with a wooden spoon while adding. Cut in very small squares a small truffle, add to bowl with a half teaspoon anchovy paste, three saltspoons salt, a saltspoon cayenne, and sharply mix.

Plunge forty-eight freshly opened large oysters in a pint boiling water for three minutes, lift up with a skimmer and drain on a cloth. Split them open, evenly stuff with force, close and place in a sautoire. Add a half ounce butter, half gill white wine, two tablespoons sherry, a teaspoon salt and two saltspoons cayenne, cover with a buttered paper, let slowly cook on fire for six minutes, lift up oysters with skimmer and place on a chafing dish. Mix in saucepan a tablespoon each melted butter and flour, pour oyster gravy in this pan with a gill cream, and sharply whisk until it comes to a boil. Dilute an egg yolk with juice of quarter of a sound lemon and tablespoon cream, add to sauce and sharply mix while heating, without boiling, for a minute, strain sauce through a cheesecloth over oysters, shuffle a little and serve.