Have a five-pound piece tender shoulder of mutton, neatly trim off a little fat, cut in one-and-a-half-inch-square pieces, season with a good teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Thoroughly heat two tablespoons melted lard in a frying pan, add mutton, fry for eight minutes on each side and remove pieces to a plate. Cut four medium-sized onions in halves, finely slice, place and fry in mutton-fat pan for six minutes, remove and place on a plate. Cut six raw, peeled medium potatoes in three-quarter-inch slices, lay a third of the onions at bottom of low earthen pot (one holding about five quarts), place one-third potatoes over onions and spread half the mutton over potatoes. Season with a light teaspoon salt, three saltspoons pepper, sprinkle over one teaspoon freshly chopped parsley and a half teaspoon thyme. Arrange another third of the onions, then a third of the potatoes, and neatly-spread balance of mutton over. Season again with a half teaspoon salt,'three saltspoons pepper, half teaspoon powdered thyme, and sprinkle over a teaspoon chopped parsley.

Spread over balance of onions and potatoes, cover top with thin slices Irish bacon, moisten with a pint and a half cold water, tightly cover pot and set in moderate oven for three hours, being careful to baste surface with its own gravy every thirty minutes, remove and serve in same pot.