Neatly wash in fresh water a pound very fresh whitebait, thoroughly wipe, place in a bowl and season with a half teaspoon salt and two teaspoons Oriental curry powder. Gently but thoroughly shuffle until all the seasoning evenly adheres to fish and let rest for thirty minutes, being careful to shuffle them twice during that time. Add a half gill cream, shuffle again, infuse for ten minutes, then carefully strain on a sieve. Mix and spread on a pie plate a pound flour with four ounces cracker dust, then drop in the whitebait and rapidly turn over in mixed flour, so that when taken up it will not stick together. Place them in a frying basket, briskly shake to remove superfluous flour, then fry in very hot fat for five minutes or until a nice golden colour, remove and thoroughly drain. Mix two saltspoons salt with two saltspoons Oriental curry powder and sprinkle over fish, gently shake and dress on a hot dish with folded napkin. Arrange six thin strips lean bacon broiled one and a half minutes on each side around the whitebaits, decorate dish with six quarters of lemon and send to table with thin slices toasted Boston brown bread.