Baked Apples (44), Semoulina Cream

Scrambled Eggs, Plain

Shad, Maitre d'Hotel

Mutton Kidneys with Bacon

Potatoes, Allumette


192. Semoulina

Boil in a small saucepan a pint water and half pint milk with a salt-spoon salt. Gradually drop in six ounces semoulina. Briskly mix with the whisk while adding it and gently boil for fifteen minutes, occasionally mixing to prevent burning at the bottom. Pour into a deep dish and serve with cold milk or cream and fine sugar separately.

193. Scrambled Eggs, Plain

Carefully break eight fresh eggs in a bowl. Season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons white pepper, add half gill cold milk. Briskly beat up with a wooden spoon for one minute. Thoroughly heat in a small saucepan half ounce butter, then drop in the eggs, gently stir with a wooden spoon, while briskly cooking for six minutes. Turn them on a hot dish and serve very hot.

194. Shad, Maitre D'Hotel

Procure from your fish dealer a small, fresh roe shad or half one of two pounds, clean and wipe well, pare and cut in two (if a whole one), scale it and remove the backbone. Season both sides with one teaspoon salt and a very little white pepper, nicely rubbed in. Roll it well in a tablespoon oil. Arrange in a double wire broiler and broil on a moderate fire for eight minutes on the split side and for four minutes on the skin side. Remove, dress on a hot dish, spread a maitre d'hotel butter (No. 7) over and serve with a few parsley greens around the dish and six quarters of lemon.

195. Broiled Mutton Kidneys With Bacon

Split, without separating, twelve fine, fresh, chocolate-coloured mutton kidneys. Skin them nicely. Have on a soup plate one tablespoon good oil, half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons white pepper; mix well, then drop in the kidneys and roll them in well. Arrange them on a double broiler well set and broil for three minutes on each side. Remove, dress them on six toasts, with a slice of bacon (prepared as per No. 13) each on two kidneys. Divide a tablespoon melted butter on top of the kidneys and serve.

196. Potatoes, Allumettes

Peel and wash three good-sized, sound, raw potatoes and carefully cut them into match-like strips. Wash again, drain well, then place in a wire frying basket and fry them in boiling fat for five minutes, or until they attain a golden colour. Lift them up, drain thoroughly, sprinkle over them a light teaspoon salt and serve on a hot dish.

197. Buns

Half pound sifted flour, two ounces sugar, one teaspoon compressed yeast, half gill warm milk, two ounces melted butter, two ounces currants, a saltspoon salt and a saltspoon mixed spices.

Mix the flour, sugar, spices and currants. Make a hole in the centre, place in it the yeast and milk; knead the yeast and milk well, then add the butter, another half-gill of cold milk and the salt. Sharply knead with the hands until a soft dough. Divide the batter into six equal parts; work them up to egg shape. Lay them on a lightly buttered tin pastry pan; place in a warm place to raise for thirty minutes. Set them in a brisk oven for fifteen minutes. Remove to the oven door, wet the surface of each with a little milk, return them to the oven and bake for two minutes longer. Remove and serve on a dish with a folded napkin.