90. Bread Croutons, Heart Shaped

Cut six thin slices from a loaf of sandwich bread. Nicely pare them, then cut them into small heart-shaped croutons. Lay them on a tin plate, drip a little clarified butter over them and place in the hot oven for four minutes, or until they obtain a good golden colour. Take out of the oven and use when required.

91. Potatoes, Brioches

Peel eight medium, sound potatoes, cook them in two quarts water with a teaspoon salt for thirty-five minutes. Drain and press through a potato masher into a bowl. Season with half teaspoon salt, two salt-spoons white pepper, one light teaspoon grated nutmeg, adding two whole raw eggs and half ounce butter. Thoroughly mix with the wooden spoon for five minutes. Spread two tablespoons flour on a corner of the table. Divide the puree into six equal parts. Roll them in the flour, giving them a nice brioche form. Place in a buttered tin pan, spread a few drops of melted butter over each brioche, and bake in the hot oven until of a nice golden colour, or eight minutes. Remove from the oven, dress on a hot dish with a folded napkin and serve.

92. Chicken Valencienne

Procure a nice, tender two-and-a-half-pound roasting chicken. Cut off the head and feet; singe, draw, wipe dry and truss nicely. Arrange a thin border of lard over the breast of the chicken, nicely tied. Peel and cut into half-inch square pieces one small, sound Spanish onion, one ounce lean raw ham, cut the same way, and one clove sound, chopped garlic. Place these in an earthen pot, if possible, sufficiently large to hold the chicken. Add one tablespoon good oil. Lay the chicken over and place the pot in the hot oven for ten minutes, or till it gets a nice light golden colour; then draw the pot to the oven door. Add two gills raw Italian rice, four sweet Spanish peppers cut into half-inch squares and two tablespoons green peas. Season with a light tablespoon salt, half teaspoon white pepper, a very little Spanish saffron (or a saltspoon), and one stalk parsley, finely chopped. Moisten with a heavy pint hot broth or water and a good gill white wine. Cover the pot and place in the oven again to cook for forty-five minutes.

Remove from the oven, take up the chicken from the pot, dress the rice, etc., on a hot dish, arrange the chicken on the rice and send to the table.

N. B. When drawing poultry of any kind split the gizzards in two, then carefully remove the sandy pouch, wash well in clear, cold water and add to the white broth "stock pot" (No. 701), as well as the hearts and livers.

93. Spring-Lamb Chops, Soubise

Have six nice spring-lamb chops. Trim and neatly flatten them. Season with a teaspoon salt and two saltspoons white pepper. Lightly roll in flour, then steep in beaten-up eggs and gently roll in bread crumbs.

Heat one tablespoon clarified butter in a frying pan; lay the chops in the pan, one beside another, and gently fry for five minutes on each side. Pour the Soubise sauce on a hot dish. Dress the chops nicely over the sauce, one overlaying the other, and serve.