Peaches (463)

Oatmeal Porridge (2)

Scrambled Eggs with Sweet Peppers

Broiled Porgies, Maitre d'Hotel

Smoked Beef in Cream (329)

German Fried Potatoes (242)

Small Brioches

875. Scrambled Eggs With Sweet Peppers

Cut three Spanish sweet peppers into quarter-inch square pieces, place in a frying pan with a tablespoon butter and gently cook for five minutes; crack eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add half a gill of milk, season with half teaspoon salt and one saltspoon white pepper. Sharply beat up for one minute, then pour the eggs over the peppers, mix well with the wooden spoon and cook for six minutes, very frequently, in fact almost continually, stirring them. . Dress on a hot deep dish and serve.

876. Broiled Porgies, Maitre D'Hotel

Scale, neatly trim and wipe dry six small, very fresh porgies. Mix in a plate a tablespoon oil with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper; roll the porgies repeatedly in the seasoning. Arrange on a broiler and broil for five minutes on each side. Remove, dress on a dish. Spread a maitre d'hotel butter (No. 7) over them evenly and serve.

877. Brioche Paste

Sift on a table twelve ounces of the best flour; place three ounces of it into a bowl, make a fountain in the centre, place in it one-half ounce concentrated yeast and half gill lukewarm water; dilute the yeast with the water, then knead the whole together for five minutes; then fill up the bowl with lukewarm water and set in a warm place to raise for thirty minutes. Make a fountain in the flour on the table, put in it half an ounce fine sugar, half teaspoon salt, one tablespoon milk, four ounces butter and two eggs. Briskly knead with the hand for five minutes, then add two more eggs; knead with the hand for five minutes more, then add one more egg. Knead again to mix the egg. Lift the batter up from the table with the hand, and sharply throw it against the table as hard as possible; repeat this five times more. Thoroughly drain the water from the other bowl of dough, add it to this paste; sharply mix with the hand for five minutes. Place the dough in a large basin, cover with a damp towel and place in the ice box for four hours.

Knead the dough on a table for five minutes, replace it in the basin, cover it, reset in the ice box for another hour.

878. Small Brioches

Divide the brioche paste into twelve equal pieces, gently roll out to small dome shapes, arrange on a lightly buttered baking tin; lightly egg the surface with a hair pastry brush; set in a moderate oven to bake for twenty minutes. Remove and serve hot.