Muskmelons (2056) Barley in Cream I1068)

Eggs Molet, Jacksonville

Broiled Weakfish (927) Beef Hash (923)

Curry Cakes (1112)

2545. Eggs Molet, Jacksonville

Prepare a cream sauce (No. 736). Remove the shells from twelve cooked shrimps, then cut them in quarter-inch pieces, add them to the sauce with a half teaspoon chopped tarragon leaves, mix well and boil for five minutes. Boil twelve fresh eggs for five minutes, remove, drop in cold water for a minute, shell them and lay on a deep, hot dish, pour the sauce over and serve.


Tomato Broth (2059)

Stuffed Devilled Clams (567)

Country Captain (1887)

Pear Charlotte (474)