Muskmelons (2056) Cero Fruto (1610)

Eggs, Van Winkle

Fin don Haddock (76)

Country Sausages (134) Julienne Potatoes (799)

Cornmeal Pones (990)

2588. Eggs, Van Winkle

Cut in half and finely slice a medium white onion, place in small saucepan with one ounce butter and fry to a nice golden colour; add one ounce flour, stir well, then pour in one and a half gills milk and a half gill cream, add half teaspoon chopped chives, mix well and let boil for fifteen minutes. Cut twelve hard-boiled eggs in quarters, add them to the sauce, season with a teaspoon salt, two saltspoons each cayenne and grated nutmeg, mix well and boil for five minutes. Transfer the eggs into a baking dish, sprinkle over a tablespoon fresh bread crumbs, arrange a few little bits of butter on top, then set in oven for ten minutes. Remove, sprinkle a half teaspoon finely chopped truffles over them and serve.


Consomme- in Cups (52)

Scallops, Poulette

Fritot of Turkey, Italienne

Peach Short Cake (2016)

2589. Scallops, Poulette

Place one and a half pounds very fresh scallops in saucepan with half gill white wine, one gill water, and half teaspoon salt, cover pan and let cook on brisk fire for five minutes. Finely chop six peeled shallots, place in a small saucepan with one ounce butter and cook for five minutes, frequently stirring meanwhile, but without browning, then add one good tablespoon flour and stir while heating for a half minute. Strain the scallop liquor through a cheesecloth into pan, add one gill milk, two tablespoons sherry, one saltspoon cayenne, half teaspoon finely chopped chives, sharply mix until it comes to a-boil, then add scallops with six finely sliced canned mushrooms, mix well and let cook five minutes. Dilute two egg yolks with two tablespoons cream, the juice of a lemon, and add to the scallops; sharply mix while adding it, cook for two minutes, mixing meanwhile, pour into a deep dish and serve.

2590. Fritot Of Turkey, Italienne

Remove all meat from turkey left over from day before yesterday, then cut it into pieces one inch long by one-third of an inch thick and place it on a dish. Season with one teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, a teaspoon chopped parsley, two tablespoons lemon juice and a tablespoon olive oil; thoroughly mix pieces in seasoning, then let infuse for thirty-five minutes, tossing pieces once in a while.

Prepare a frying batter (No. 204), take up pieces from seasoning and drop in batter, lift up, drop them one by one in boiling fat and fry for ten minutes, turning with skimmer once in a while. Lift up, drain on cloth, arrange on a hot dish with a folded napkin, one on top of another, decorate with a little parsley greens and serve with a gill hot tomato sauce (No. 16) separately.