Ingredients. - Three tablespoonfuls of bran. Sugar or honey. Time required, about twenty minutes.

To make Bran Tea:

1. Put a kettle of warm water on the fire to boil.

2. Take three tablespoonfuls of bran (not too coarse, for that is greasy) and put it into a large jug.

N. B. - Bran is the husk of the grain, which is sifted from the flour after the wheat is ground by the miller.

3. When the water is quite boiling, pour one quart into the jug.

4. Cover the jug, and let it stand for a quarter of an hour to draw.

5. When it is drawn, strain off the tea through a piece of muslin, and sweeten it according to taste with either sugar or honey.

N. B. - When wine is good for the patient, it may be added to the tea, or a little lemon-juice, but it is very good without.

N. B. - This is an invaluable drink for softening the throat.