General Directions For Home-Made Wines Other Than Grape

Ripe fruit five pounds, soft water one gallon, grape sugar two and a half pounds, cream tartar two and a half ounces. Ferment in stand keg, and treat same as grape wine. The more ripe fruit and grape sugar in proportion to the soft water the stronger the wine.

Blackberry Wine

Ripe berries bruised twelve gallons; pour on them six gallons of hot water, let them stand two or three days, stirring occasionally; then strain off the liquor, and to every gallon add two and a quarter pounds of sugar; let it stand and ferment; before it is bottled add half a gallon of brandy. The brandy can be left out if preferred.

Currant Shrub

Draw the currants as for jelly, and to each pint of juice put one pound of sugar, half a pint brandy, then bottle it up for use.

Geranium Cordial. (Very Fine; As Good As Imported Cordial.)

A handful of rose geranium leaves dried in the shade for several days. Pour over these one pint of alcohol and let it stand for two weeks, sometimes shaking the bottle a little. Strain and add a pound of loaf sugar boiled into syrup with one pint of water. Violets or orange peel can be used in same way. Also fresh mint.


One gallon New England rum, one pint lemon juice, juice and peel of two oranges, let stand twenty-four hours, then add four pounds sugar, one pint strong tea, four pints water. It can be bottled in a few days.

Fish House Punch

One gallon New England rum, one gallon brandy, one quart Jamaica rum, five dozen oranges, six dozen lemons, one gallon water, twelve pounds sugar, one quart strong tea. This will keep for years, bottled tight.

Philadelphia Fish House Punch

One quart brandy, two quarts Jamaica rum, half gill of brandy, one quart lemon juice (about twenty-four lemons), three pounds of sugar, two quarts water. Mix water and sugar, strain lemon juice, and add to syrup. Mix liquors separately and add to above; water to suit the taste. Put in a large lump of ice.

English Claret Cup

Two bottles of good claret, two of soda water or apollinaris, three pounds of ice, two pounds of sugar, three pints of water, one large lemon, a little cucumber and fresh mint.

Raspberry Vinegar

Put one quart of ripe raspberries in a bowl, pour over them one quart of good vinegar, let them stand twenty-four hours, strain through a bag, pour over this another quart of fresh raspberries, and continue to do this for three days; when the last is prepared make it very sweet with white sugar; refine and bottle it.

Currant Wine

Four pounds currants, add a little water, mash them well, and strain through a hair sieve. Then add three pounds sugar to the strained liquor; after it is dissolved strain it again. Should not the juice and sugar measure one gallon add as much water to the currants as will make up the gallon. Mash them over again, put into a clean vessel, leaving room for it to work, and stop it tight.