For Carbolic Acid

Give flour and water or glutinous drinks.

For Chloral Hydrate, Chloroform

Pour cold Water over the head and face with artificial respiration, galvanic battery.

For Carbonate Of Soda, Copperas, Cobalt

Prompt emetics; soap and water or mucilaginous drinks.

For Laudanum, Morphine, Opium

Strong coffee followed by ground mustard or grease in warm water to produce vomiting. Keep in motion.

For Nitrate Of Silver, Lunar Caustic

Give common salt in water.

For Strychnine, Tincture Nux Vomica

Emetic of mustard or sulphate of zinc, aided by warm water. Camphor also is an effective antidote for strychnine. Administer 5 or 6 grains at a time in an emulsion, flaxseed tea for instance.


An emetic; then dash cold water on the head and give ammonia in a little water.


Lemon juice or vinegar, afterward milk and water or Flaxseed tea.


White of eggs and emetics.

Belladonna Or Night Henbane

Emetics; then vinegar and and water or lemonade.


Plenty of white of egg and water.


First an emetic, then astringent teas, then stimulants.

Prussic Acid

When there is time administer chlorine in the shape of soda or lime. Hot brandy and water and hartshorn and turpentine are also useful.

Mushrooms (Poisonous)

Emetics; then plenty of vinegar and water, with a dose of ether, if handy.

Charcoal, All Carbonic Gases

Remove the patient to the open air; dash cold water on the head and body, stimulate the nostrils and lungs by hartshorn, rubbing the chest briskly.

Most, but not all, poisons call for an emetic. Those given at the beginning are the best and most easily accessible. A pint of warm water with a tablespoonful of ground mustard and a table-spoonful of salt stirred in works quickly. Use no ceremony in administering this. Seize the patient's nose firmly, when, as a natural consequence, the mouth opens; turn the emetic down. Use cold water if warm is not convenient. After this has worked, if it is not known what the poison is, or if no other antidotes are handy, give first the white of an egg and follow with a cupful of strong coffee. A pint of sweet oil will nullify a large number of poisons. Melted lard or butter may take its place. "Warm milk and water is good; flaxseed and slippery-elm tea, chalk and water. Also convulsions from an over-loaded stomach may be relieved by an emetic.

Hot Water, or liquids taken into the mouth or swallowed, may be relieved by gargling with borax water. (Dissolve an ounce of pulverized borax in a quart of soft water.) Give also slippery-elm tea, and a little olive oil occasionally.

Wounds And Accidents

Incised wounds are those inflicted by sharp cutting instruments. Close as soon as possible. Apply slight pressure until the blood has stopped and hold in place with strips of adhesive plaster, and then bind up with soft linen.