2 tablespoonfuls grated chocolate. 2 tablespoonfuls sugar. 1 pint milk and water (half and half). Dissolve the chocolate in a little hot milk or water, stir in the milk, let boil between five and ten minutes, stirring constantly. If French or German chocolate is 'used, no sugar will be required. A few spoonfuls of whipped cream added just before serving, give a delicious flavor, or the cream may be brought to the table and a spoonful heaped on the top of each cup of hot chocolate. Serve with it biscuits, rolls, toast or hot crackers. All milk is sometimes used.

Rae-A-Haut Chocolate

1 pound of chocolate, pulverized. 1 pound rice flour. 1 ounce arrow-root. Mix. Keep in a jar. When wanted for use dissolve 1 heaped tablespoonful in 1 cupful of water and stir into 1 quart of boiling milk. Stir until it boils again. Sweeten to taste in the cups, ado; cream. More water can be used if found too rich. Very nourishing drink.

Meringued Chocolate

Make chocolate according to the first rule. Beat an egg separately, pour the boiling liquid over the beaten yolk (1 egg to a pint). Whip the whites to a stiff froth and put a spoonful on the top of each cupful of hot chocolate before serving. cupful of whipped cream mixed lightly with the beaten white is a very great improvement.

Cocoa Shells

2 heaping tablespoonfuls of the shells to 1 quart of boiling water. Boil twenty minutes. Serve with cream and sugar.