Bean Salad

String and wash the beans; cook tender in boiling water; remove to cold water to render crisp; drain and cool two hours before serving. Season with pepper, salt and vinegar. Drain before serving and add any preferred salad sauce - nonpareil or boiled salad dressing. Cold boiled beans left from dinner may be served in the same manner.

Horse-Radish For Winter

Mix in the following proportions:

1 large cupful grated horse-radish.

2 tablespoonfuls white sugar. ˝ teaspoonful salt.

1˝pints cold vinegar. Bottle and seal.

Spiced Vinegar

1 quart vinegar.

2 tablespoonfuls grated horse-radish. 1 ounce whole pepper.

1 ounce whole cloves.

1 ounce whole allspice.

2 ounces white mustard seed.

2 onions, chopped fine.

Simmer altogether five minutes. When cold this may be used for cabbage, beets, pickled eggs, etc. [Various fruit vinegars, raspberry, etc., will be given with table drinks].

Cabbage And Beet Salad

1 raw cabbage chopped fine. 1 quart of chopped red beets, boiled. 1 teaspoonful black pepper. 2 cupfuls brown sugar. 1 tablespoonful salt. Mix. Cover with vinegar and keep in a close jar.

Beef Salad

Cut in very thin, small slices and put in a dish with a sprinkling of chopped parsley. Mix in a b®wl, one part vinegar to two parts oil, or melted butter. Add pepper, salt and mustard to taste. Beat together and pour over the meat.

Banana Salad

Peel the bananas, slice in half lengthwise. Serve each one on a lettuce leaf with a Mayonnaise sauce or some other preferred salad dressing poured over it. Delicious.

Cauliflower pulled to bits and served cold with a salad dressing, is also very nice.

Bananas may be removed from the skin by taking out a section the entire length. Cut the fruit in small dice, mix with a French or Mayonnaise dressing, and refill the skins. Serve by placing each banana on a crisp lettuce leaf, and at once, since the fruit soon discolors.

Walnut And Orange Salad

Remove the peel of the oranges and every particle of the white skin, slice very thin lengthwise of the orange, removing as much of the partition walls as possible. Slice English walnuts very thin. To two cups of sliced orange add one cup of nuts. Dress with a small quantity of Mayonnaise or French dressing. Serve pn a bed of lettuce or water-cress. Particularly nice with game.

Waldorf Salad

Mix in equal parts celery cut in half inch pieces, and sour crisp apples cut in slices. Salt and pepper lightly and mix with Mayonnaise dressing. Serve on a lettuce leaf in individual salad dishes, or in the salad bowl upon a bed of lettuce or cress.

Dandelion Salad

Half a pound of dandelion greens, cut fine. Cover with following dressing, mixing thoroughly: One tablespoonful olive oil, 2 tablespoonfuls vinegar, 1 teaspoonful of sugar, a pinch of salt and a dash of, pepper. This last is a modified form of French dressing, and may be preferred by some to use in place of it. A little mustard may be added if wished.

Fish Salad

Take any kind of boiled fish that has been "left Over," pick to bits and arrange on a bed of lettuce leaves. Cover with Mayonnaise or any preferred salad dressing.

Sardine Salad

Drain the oil from 6 or 8 sardines, and, unless the oil is very sweet, rinse, quickly. Remove skin and bone, cut to bif, and squeeze over them the juice of one lemon. Tear lettuce leaves fine, mince two hard-boiled eggs, mix lettuce, sardines and eggs together in the salad bowl, and cover with a French dressing made with lemon juice instead of vinegar. A Mayonnaise or some preferred dressing may be substituted.