Picnic No. 1

Half and Half in Vacuum Jug *

Broiled Steak Sandwiches * with Cliff House Sauce *

Devilled Egg Salad Raw Carrot Sticks.

Fresh Strawberries and Sugar *

Hot Coffee in Vacuum Bottle.

Broiled Steak Sandwiches

Have steak cut about one half inch thick. It will take too long to broil if thicker. Cut steak into pieces before leaving. Broil over fire on long handled forks or in a picnic broiler.

Fresh Strawberries And Sugar

Select large berries, leave stems on. Wash thoroughly enough berries for four people and keep them whole, in the refrigerator, until ready to leave. Take along a box of confectioners' sugar. Put a spoonful of sugar in the center of individual plates and arrange strawberries around the mound of sugar. They are eaten by taking hold of the stem and dipping the pointed end of the berry into the sugar mound.

Cliff House Sauce

4 tablespoons creamed butter 1 teaspoon prepared mustard

1 1/2 teaspoons worcestershire sauce 1/8 teaspoon finely scraped garlic

Add mustard, sauce and garlic to creamed butter and mix together thoroughly. Spread either buns or slices of bread with the mixture before filling with the broiled steak, or steak can be placed on a platter and the sauce dotted over it. The hot steak will melt it. Steak sandwiches are very filling. Be sure to have a light dessert.

Half And Half

Thoroughly chill a can of sauerkraut juice and two cans of tomato juice. Pour together into a cold vacuum jug. This is a very refreshing and excellent accompaniment for the steak sandwiches.

Half And Half 50