How To Roast, Bake, Or Broil Red Mullet

In best season through the summer: may he had all the year.

First wash, and then dry the fish thoroughly in a cloth, but neither scale nor open it; wrap it closely in a sheet of thickly-buttered paper, tie this securely at the ends, and over the mullet with packthread, and roast it in a Dutch oven, or broil it over a clear and gentle fire, or bake it in a moderate oven: from twenty to thirty minutes will be sufficient generally to dress it in either way, if it be only of moderate size. For sauce, put into a little good melted butler the liquor which has flowed from fish, a small dessertspoonful of essence of anchovies, some cayenne, a glass of port wine, or claret, and a little lemon-juice. Remove the packthread, and send the mullet to table in the paper case. This is the usual mode of serving it; but it is dished without the paper, for dinners of high taste.

20 to 30 minutes.

How To Boil Grey Mullet

This fish varies so much in size and quality, that it is difficult to give exact directions for the time of cooking it. When quite young and small, it may be boiled by the receipt for whitings, haddocks, and other fish of about their size; but at its finest growth it must be laid into cold water, and managed like larger fish. We have ourselves partaken of one which was caught upon our eastern coast, that weighed ten pounds, of which the flesh was quite equal to that of salmon, but its weight was, we believe, an unusual one. Anchovy, or caper fish sauce, with melted butter, may be sent to table with grey mullet.