A pretty dish can be made with a purée of any kind of green vegetable surrounded by macaroni cut into small pieces, boiled plain with a little onion in the water, drained, and warmed up in a little strong stock (or water), butter, and a little sugar. The New Zealand Spinach or the Spinach Beet is sure to be still quite good in the garden.

A friend of mine who has been much in the East makes the following comments on my curry receipt and my cooking of rice: 'You say meat in curry is to be cut in dice. An old Indian uncle of mine always taught his cooks to make curries, and there were never better curries; and he always said No dice, but thinnish slices about the size of two small mouthfuls. I think he was right.' The Indian uncle also said that rice can never be really properly cooked except in earthenware vessels. I think I agree with both these criticisms.

Here is a good receipt or those troubled with a superabundance of grouse.