Pick the outdoor cucumbers when about three inches long and one inch thick. Brush them in a large tub of cold water till quite clean. Spread them on a table to dry. Meanwhile boil up a large quantity of water. Measure it carefully, and for each quart of water add a small teacupful of salt and a small teacupful of vinegar. Boil all well together, and let it get cold. Then put some vine-leaves, fennel, tarragon, pimpernel, and a few bay-leaves and peppercorns at the bottom of a small barrel or stone jar. Place four layers of cucumber, one of herbs and leaves, and so on till full. Cover the top thickly with leaves and pour on the salt water till the jar is quite ful Put a clean slate over the top of the jar, and weight it with a stone. They should stand for at least six weeks.