Take the wing-bones and a portion of the legs of a roast turkey, and divide them into reasonable-sized pieces. Take some cold stock which has been already well flavoured with vegetables, and add a little more onion cut fine. Stew by the side of the stove till the meat is tender, not broken away. Add a good large quantity of turnips cut into small dice and a very small amount of burnt sugar, pepper, and salt. Stew all together till the turnips are quite cooked (which depends a good deal on the quality of the turnips) and the stock reduced. Serve in a hash-dish. The whole can also be cooked in a small fireproof casserole, and served in that with a clean napkin round it. The excellence of this dish depends on the goodness of the stock and very slow cooking.

Raw Liver of Chickens chopped up with a little bacon fat and fried, then put on to toast with pepper and salt, is a good breakfast dish or savoury.

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