I have again been away. At last it is quite winter, and everything is at rest outside. But if all the outdoor Chrysanthemums, or even the hardiest indoor ones, had been moved in October or November into sheltered places under shrubs and trees, or against walls, there has been up to now no frost to hurt them in such situations. Some that I moved twice this autumn are not feeling it at all.

If Camellias are grown in pots they make far more buds than they can possibly carry, and severe disbudding is most useful.

Outdoor Heaths seem to do better for cutting back after flowering.

Just lately I have received from the South of France a box of dried figs, not pressed at all, but just dried in the sun, as the peasants eat them. They are delicious, I think; far better than the usual dried figs we get in England, the inside seeds of which as a rule are much too hard.