Ingredients: a little less than one pint of milk, six ounces of butter, ten eggs, two ounces of pounded sugar, one pound of good Hungarian flour, sifted grated peel of two lemons, two ounces of good German yeast, a pinch of salt. Put one-fifth part of the flour, the yeast, and the milk together in a deep basin, and work them to a stiff paste; cover with a cloth, and stand in a tepid place till it swells to double its size. Put all the other ingredients into a much larger basin, mix them very vigorously and thoroughly with the hands for ten minutes, then work into this the first paste with the yeast in it. When all is well incorporated, work it for another fifteen minutes. Fill the tin or earthenware Savarin shapes with paste to one-third of their height, having first greased them well inside with melted butter. Stand them in a warm place till the paste has risen to the very top. Put them in a rather slow oven for twenty-five to thirty minutes. When well coloured, but not brown, turn them out and pour rum punch over them, taking care not to sodden them.