I have on my flower table a shrubby Begonia in a pot with small, pointed, spotty leaves and hanging white flowers. They are easily reared from seed, and I do think they grow so beautifully and can be pruned into such lovely shapes! They are far more beautiful than those great, flat, floppy, opulent, tuberous-rooted ones that flower in the summer. The parent of my plant (mossy green leaves, spotted silvery-white) must have been called B. alba picta.

The white Arums which were laid on their side all the summer in the pots and well dried are handsomer plants, and throwing up more flowers, than I have ever had before when they were planted out in summer.

In this dry frosty weather we thin and prune out the shrubberies. Every plant is given a fair chance or else cut down. Taking all suckers from the Lilacs improves them immensely. How seldom it is done!