There is nothing like a date and a detailed account of the weather for accentuating a garden fact. We have had lately several days of frost, and we had to-day for luncheon so excellent a green vegetable that both gardener and cook had immediately to be interrogated as to details. The gardener said it was grown from Sutton's hardy-sprouting Kale called 'Thousand-headed,' and I see in a note to the catalogue that 'the Borecoles thrive better in poor soil than most vegetables.' This naturally accounts for their being good-tasting here. In Vilmorin's list they are described as a cattle-feeding plant of large size, and bearing frost extremely well. The cook informed me that she had cut the green of the leaf carefully off the stalk, and then cooked it exactly like Spinach. I give my cook the credit for cutting it off the stalk, as I had never suggested it. The result was most satisfactory.

An excellent way to improve northern or frozen game, of which a great deal is now sold, is to lay the birds in a bath of milk for twenty-four hours, changing the milk l82 twice. They are then roasted in the ordinary way and are excellent.

A good way of cooking potatoes in winter is to steam them without their skins. Then melt some very good fresh butter in a small iron saucepan, and to this add a good lot of onions shredded very fine, and fry till a good mahogany-brown, not black. Put the potatoes in a very hot fireproof dish, and pour the hot butter and onions over them just before serving.