Everybody grows parsnips so far as I can make out, and hardly anyone ever eats them, except now and then with boiled pork and with salt cod on Good Friday. They are very good in England, as our mild winters enable us to leave them in the ground, which makes them much better than if they had been stored in sand or ashes. Here is a receipt for anyone who does not dislike parsnips and does like curry: Boil some fine parsnips whole, without cutting them, wash and brush them, and put into just enough boiling water to cover them. Simmer till tender and till the water is nearly evaporated - about one hour and a half. Tear the parsnips into fine shreds with two forks. Sprinkle with cloves and a little dusted sugar. Have prepared apart a curry sauce. (See p. 252, 'Pot-Pourri.') Pour this over the parsnips, warm up together and serve with boiled Patna rice in a dish apart.