Put a breakfastcup of Egyptian lentils into a saucepan, cover with about an inch and a half of water, boil very slowly for an hour. Heat half a tumbler of the best olive oil in a small saucepan. Cut up very small half an onion, and fry it till yellow in the oil. Pour the whole on to the lentils, and let them boil another half-hour. Wash and pick a good handful of Italian rice. Dry on a cloth, and mix with the lentils when the rice is cooked. Add a little salt and pepper, and serve.

French beans or scarlet runners well boiled in salt and water, slightly drained, and then mixed at once (all hot) with olive oil and very little vinegar, and eaten as a salad, are much better than when allowed to get quite cold. I think this is the same with all cold vegetables - beetroot, asparagus, beans, etc. Our weather so seldom admits of quite cold things being palatable. These receipts, however, are useless unless the olive oil is of the best. I always buy my oil and vinegar from Mrs. Ross, Poggio Gherardo, Via Settignanese, Florence.