Boil a large fowl in thin chicken or veal stock with two or three onions. When done, take these out, strain the stock (which ought to look quite pale and clear), cut the fowl in pieces, cover with leaves of tarragon, add one or two to the stock, pour over the fowl hot, and serve. Boil a large cupful of Patna or Italian rice, strain, and dry. Make apart, while the fowl is cooking, a curry sauce with onion, butter, apple, stock, and curry powder (as described in my former book), no flour. When the rice is ready to serve, stir enough of this sauce into it to colour it thoroughly without making it sloppy or greasy. I saw this once at a French luncheon party, and it was called Poulet à I'Indienne, though of course it is not Indian in our sense at all. I have often done it successfully, but never had a receipt for it.