To be served either in a silver casserole or in an open French high pie-crust, shaped like a flower-pot, and filled while baking with dry peas to keep it in shape. Boil a small quantity of medium-sized macaroni; drain it well. Take two sweetbreads, scald and trim well, parboil, and cut into regular pieces about half an inch square. Make a good brown sauce (not too dark), to which add two or three spoonfuls of concentrated tomato purée, some good fresh mushrooms cut in dice or strips, some truffles or morels, and tiny little quenelles of chicken breast (if you have any cold chicken to use up). Put the sweetbreads into this thick sauce. Mix all well together, let it stew gently for a few minutes, then finish your macaroni in the usual way with cheese, only using far less butter than for plain macaroni. Now fill the silver casserole or the pie-crust by putting alternate layers of macaroni and of the stew. Finish at the top with a little layer of sauce and truffles, and serve very hot.

The remains of this Timbale, if the sauce has been kept thick and concentrated enough from the first, can be made into excellent croquettes or rissoles by being cut up quite small, with hardly any of the sauce mixed with it. Shape as croquettes, roll in egg and breadcrumbs and fry.