11. Balaustion's Adventure: Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau, Saviour of Society: and Fifine At The Fair.

12. Red Cotton Nightcap Country: And The Inn Album.

13. Aristophanes' Apology, including a Transcript from Euripides, being the Last Adventure of Balaustion: and The Agamemnon Of Aeschylus.

14. Pacchiarotto, and How he Worked in Distemper; with other Poems: LA SAISIAZ: and The Two Poets Of Croisic.

15. Dramatic Idyls, First Series: Dramatic Idyls, Second Series: and Jocoseria.

16. Ferishtah's Fancies: and Parleyings With Certain People Of Importance In Their Day. With a Portrait of Mr. Browning.

17. Asolando: Fancies and Facts; and Biographical And Historical Notes To The Poems.

A Selection From The Poetical Works Of Robert Browning. First Series, crown 8vo. 3s. 6d. Second Series. Crown 8vo. 3s. 6d.

Pocket Volume Of Selections From The Poetical Works Of Robert Browning. Small fcp. 8vo. bound in half-cloth, with cut or uncut edges, price One Shilling.

The Life And Letters Of Robert Browning By Mrs. Sutherland Orr. With Portrait, and Steel Engraving of Mr. Browning's Study in De Vere Gardens, Second Edition. Crown 8vo.

12s. 6d.

London: Smith, Elder, & Co., 15 Waterloo Place.

Works By Miss Thackeray Uniform Edition, each Volume Illustrated with a Vignette Title-page.

Large Crown 8vo. 6s. each.

Old Kensington The Village On The Cliff Five Old Friends And A Young Prince. To Esther; and other Sketches.

The Story Of Elizabeth: Two Hours: From An Island.

Bluebeard's Keys; And other Stories.

Toilers And Spinsters Miss Angel; Fulham Lawn Miss Williamson's Divagations Mrs. Dymond Illustrated Edition Of Mrs. Gaskell's Novels And Tales In Seven Volumes, bound in cloth, each containing Four Illustrations, price 3s. 6d. each.

Contents Op The Volumes:

Vol. I. Wives And Daughters. Vol. II. North And South.

Vol. III. Sylvia's Lovers. Vol. IV. Cranford.

Company Manners - The Well of Pen-Morpha - The Heart of John Middleton - Trait and Stories of the Huguenots - Six Weeks at Heppenheim - The Squire's Story - Libbie Marsh's Three Eras - Curious if True - The Moorland Cottage - The Sexton's Hero - Disappearances - Right at Last - The Manchester Marriage - Lois the Witch - The Crooked Branch.

Vol. V. Mary Barton. Cousin Phillis - My French Master - The Old Nurse's Story - Bessy's Troubles at Home -Christmas Storms and Sunshine.

Vol. VI. Ruth.

The Grey Woman - Morton Hall - Mr. Harrison's Confessions - Hand and Heart.

Vol. VII. Lizzie Leigh.

A Dark Night's Work - Round the Sofa - My Lady Ludlow - An Accursed Race - The Doom of the Griffiths - Haifa Lifetime Ago - The Poor Clare - The Half-Brothers.

The Volumes are also to be had in small post 8vo. limp green cloth, or cloth boards, gilt top, price 2s. 6d. each: and in Eight Volumes, small fcp. 8vo. bound in cloth, with gilt top, price 1s. 6d. each; or the Set, in gold-lettered cloth ease, 14s.

Illustrated Editions Of Popular Works Handsomely bound in cloth gilt, each volume containing Four Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 3s. 6d. each.

The Small House At Allington By Anthony Trollope.

Framley Parsonage. By Anthony Trollope.

The Claverings By Anthony Trollope.

Transformation: a Romance. By Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Domestic Stories. By the Author of 'John Halifax, Gentleman.'

The Moors And The Fens. By Mrs. J. H. Riddell.

Within The Precincts. By Mrs Oliphant.

Carita. By Mrs. Oliphant.

For Percival. By Margaret Veley.

No New Thing. By W. E. Norris.

Love The Debt. By Richard Ashe King ( Basil').

London: Smith, Elder, & Co., 15 Waterloo Place.

New Edition Of W. M. Thackeray's Works In 13 Volumes. Large crown 8vo. cloth, gilt top, 6s. each.

The Biographical Edition Of W. M. Thackeray's Complete Works This New And Revised Edition Comprises Additional Material And Hitherto Unpublished Letters, Sketches, And Drawings Derived from the Author's Original Manuscripts and Note-Books.

And Each Volume Includes A Memoir, In The Form Of An Introduction By Mrs. Richmond Ritchie.

The 13 Volumes are also supplied in Set cloth binding, gilt top, price 3. 18s. 0d.

1. Vanity Fair. With 20 Full-page Illustrations, 11 Woodcuts, a Facsimile Letter, and a new Portrait.

2. Pen Dennis. With 20 Full-page Illustrations and 10 Woodcuts.

3. Yellowplush Papers, etc. With 24 Full-page Reproductions of Steel Plates by George Cruikshank, 11 Woodcuts, and a Portrait of the Author by Maclise.

4. The Memoirs Of Barry Lyndon: The F1tzboodle Papers, etc. With 16 Full-page Illustrations by J. E. Millais, R.A., Luke Fildes, A.R.A., and the Author, and 14 Woodcuts.

5. Sketch Books: - The Paris Sketch Book; The Irish Sketch Book; Notes Of A Journey From Cornhill To Grand Cairo, etc. With 16 Full-page Illustrations, 39 Woodcuts, and a Portrait of the Author by Maclise.

6. Contributions To 'Punch' etc. With 20 Full-page Illustrations, 26

Woodcuts, and an Engraving of the Author from a Portrait by Samuel Laurence.

7. The History Of Henry Esmond; And The Lectures. With 20 Full-page Illustrations by George du Mauribr, F. Barnard, and Frank Dicksee, R.A., and 11 Woodcuts.

8. The Newcomes. With 20 Full-page Illustrations by Richard Doyle and 11 Woodcuts.

9. Christmas Books, etc. With 97 Full-page Illustrations, 122 Woodcuts, and a Facsimile Letter.

10. The Virginians. With 20 Full-page Illustrations, 6 Woodcuts, a Photogravure, and a new Portrait.

11. The Adventures Of Philip; And A Shabby Genteel Story.

With 24 Full-page Illustrations by Frederick Walker and the Author, 6 Woodcuts, a Facsimile of Ms., and 2 Facsimile Letters.

12. Lovel The Widower; Roundabout Papers; Denis Duval, etc. With 20 Full-page and 11 Text Illustrations by Frederick Walker, A.R.A., Charles Keene, and the Author, and 2 pages of Ms. in facsimile.