Sandwiches afford another method of utilizing left-overs. All bread for sandwiches should be thinly sliced. Do not remove crusts. Many of these may not SOUND good, but never mind the sound. Try them.

Vegetable Sandwiches

1 CUP tomato

1/2 cup onion salad dressing

1/2 up green pepper or pimento

Dice all vegetables, drain, and mix with dressing to bind. Spread on whole wheat or rye bread.

Tomato Or Cucumber Sandwiches

Lay slices of either tomato or cucumber on bread which has been spread with butter and salad dressing.

Baked Bean Sandwiches

2 cups mashed beans

1 diced pimento

1/2 teapoon Kitchen Bouquet

2 tablespoons diced onion or pickle Salad dressing to bind Lettuce

Pea-Cheese Sandwiches

1 cup mashed peas

1/4 cup diced pickle salad dressing to bind lettuce

Peanut-Pickle Sandwich

1/2 cup peanut butter 2 tablespoons diced pickle


2 tablespoons salad dressing

Peanut-Raisin Sandwich

1/2 cup peanut butter 1/2 cup peanuts Lettuce

2 tablespoons pickle tablespoons Salad dressing 1/2 cup raisins

Grind peanuts, raisins and pickles.

Tuna, Salmon Or Gray Fish Sandwiches

1 cup fish Lettuce

2 pimentos Salad dressing

Egg Sandwiches

1/2 cup salad dressing Lettuce

6 hard-cooked eggs (chopped)


1 cup ground cooked ham

1/2 cup ground onion Salad dressing to bind

Half fat and half lean ham may be used.

Beef Or Chicken Sandwiches

Left-over meat of any kind, ground, mixed with gravy or salad dressing and flavored with onion juice makes good sandwiches. Chicken with the chicken gravy is particularly good.

Cottage Cheese-Olive Sandwiches

1 cup cottage cheese 1/2 cup olives 1/2 cup nuts

1/4 cup salad dressing Lettuce

Excellent on salted wafers.

Sweet Sandwiches

All sweet sandwiches are to be served instead of cake.

Chocolate Bread Sandwiches

Spread Quick Chocolate or raised chocolate bread with butter and tart jelly.

Chocolate Cream Sandwiches

Melt over hot water one chocolate cream for each sandwich. Spread on buttered whole wheat or white bread.

Chocolate Fudge Sandwiches

1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup syrup 1/4 cup milk

1 tablespoon butter stitute 1/4 teaspoon vanilla

Cook sugar, syrup and milk until very soft ball is formed when tried in cold water. Cool, add remaining ingredients, mix well and spread on lightly buttered bread. When cold, this mixture should be of right consistency to spread.

Carrot Marmalade-Nut Sandwiches

1/2 cup marmalade Boston brown bread

1/4 cup nuts

Fruit Sandwiches

1/2 cup dates 1/2 cup raisins Tart fruit Juice

1/2 cup figs 1/2 cup nuts

Grind nuts and fruits and add enough lemon or cherry juice to make of right consistency to spread.

Lemon Sandwiches

up sugar 1/4 cup syrup Few grains salt 1 egg yolk 1/2cup water

2 tablesoons cornstarch

3 tablespoons lemon juice

1 tablespoon butter sub-stir

Heat sugar, syrup and water together, add cornstarch mixed with lemon juice, boil until clear. Add egg yolk, which has been mixed with a little of the hot mixture. Remove from stove, add salt and butter substitute. When cold, spread on lightly buttered bread.