Croquante Of Peaches

18 nice ripe peaches 1 pound of sugar 1 pint of small strawberries

1/2 pint of water The recipe for Charlotte Russe

Boil the sugar and water together until it is brittle when dropped in cold water; that is, when it begins to boil up in large bubbles, take a little of it on a spoon and drop it into cold water; if it snaps in breaking, it is sufficiently boiled. Take it from the fire immediately. Rub a plain two-quart mould with melted butter or oil. Have ready the peaches pared, cut into halves and stoned, the strawberries stemmed. Put a piece of peach on a wooden skewer, dip it in the syrup, then dip a berry in the syrup, and place in the centre of the peach where the stone was taken out, then press it against the side of the mould, and so continue until the mould is lined, then stand away in a cold place to harden. When hard, fill with Charlotte Russe, and stand in a cold place for an hour or two. When ready to serve, put a plate over the mould, turn it upside down, wipe the outside of the mould with a warm cloth, then carefully lift it off. This dish is both beautiful and good. This will serve eight persons.

Croquante Of Oranges

12 sweet oranges 1/2 pint of water

1 pound of sugar Charlotte Russe

Peel and carefully remove all the white pith from the oranges, then divide them into their small sections with the fingers, being careful not to break the skin. Make the syrup, dip the sections into it, line the mould and finish according to the recipe given for Croquante of Peaches.

Croquante Of Strawberries

1 quart of strawberries 1 tablespoonful of gelatine Charlotte Russe

Cover the gelatine with cold water and let it soak a half-hour, then add to it two tablespoonfuls of boiling water and stir until dissolved. Dip a plain two-quart mould in cold water, then stand it in a pan of ice-water. Stem the berries, and dip each one in the gelatine, then press them against the inside of the mould; in this way they will stick, allowing you to arrange them in any fancy design you may choose. A wreath around the side of the mould and a rose in the bottom made from the berries is very pretty. Angelica may be used for the leaves and stems, or you may line the mould perfectly solid with the berries. Now fill with Charlotte Russe and stand away to harden.

This will serve eight persons.

Croquante of Raspberries may be made in the same way.