Bird's-Nest Pudding (Cold)

For The Nest

Make an Orange Jelly (see recipe). Turn a pie dish upside down in the bottom of a two-quart round tin basin, pour the jelly in the basin over the pie dish, and stand away to harden.

For The Straws

Cut the orange peel into fine strips with the scissors. Boil one cup of sugar and a half-cup of water to the crack, that is, until it hardens when dropped in cold water. Dip the straws into this syrup and place on greased papers to harden.

For The Eggs

Put one pint of milk on to boil in a farina boiler, moisten four tablespoonfuls of corn-starch with a little cold milk, and stir into the boiling milk; stir until it thickens, then add a quarter-cup of sugar and a teaspoonful of vanilla. Have ready some egg shells that have been emptied from a small hole in the top, fill them with this mixture, stand in a pan of Indian meal or flour to prevent them from falling over, and put in a cold place to harden.

When the jelly is hard, whip a pint of cream. Now turn the jelly out on a round glass dish, remove the pie dish carefully, put the straws around the space left by the pie dish, representing a nest, and fill the nest, inside the straws,, with the whipped cream, representing feathers. Break the shells carefully off the corn-starch eggs, and put them in the centre of the nest, and it is ready to serve.

Just as troublesome as it reads, but beautiful when done.

Bread And Butter Pudding

Cut in thin slices a baker's five-cent loaf. Wash and pick one cup of currants. Butter each slice of bread. Put a layer of this bread in the bottom of a one-quart mould or basin, then a sprinkling of currants, and so on until all is used. Beat four eggs and a half-cup of sugar together until light; add gradually one pint of milk, and a quarter of a nutmeg, grated. Pour this over the bread, let stand fifteen minutes and bake in a moderate oven thirty minutes. Serve cold, with Cream Sauce.

Cream Chocolate Pudding

1 pint of milk 1/2 cup of sugar 4 eggs

4 tablespoonfuls of corn-starch 2 ounces of chocolate 1 teaspoonful of vanilla

Put the chocolate in a saucepan, and stand it over the teakettle to melt; stir until perfectly smooth. Put the milk on to boil in a farina boiler; moisten the corn-starch with a little cold water (about a quarter-cup), and add it to the boiling milk; cook and stir until thick and smooth. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth; add the sugar to the milk, then the whites, and beat all well together over the fire. Take from the fire, add the vanilla. Now take out one-third of the mixture, add to it the chocolate; mix well. Dip a plain pudding mould into cold water, put in the bottom of it half the white mixture, then all the dark, and then the remainder of the white. Stand on the ice for three hours to harden. Serve with Vanilla Sauce poured around it.

Cocoanut Pudding

1 cocoanut 1 pint of milk

1/2 cup of sugar 1 teaspoonful of vanilla

3 eggs

Beat the eggs all together until light, add the milk, sugar; vanilla, and cocoanut, grated; stir until thoroughly mixed, and bake in a moderate oven for thirty minutes. Serve cold.