Roman Punch

Make or purchase lemon ice. Just before serving, put enough for one person at table into a saucer or punch-glass, and pour over two table - spoonfuls of the milk punch, made as in the last receipt. A course of Roman punch is often served at dinner parties just after the roast. There is no better, cheaper, or easier way of preparing it than this.

Claret Punch

Cut up the yellow part of one lemon, and let it soak for three or four hours in half of a quart bottle of claret; add then the other half of the wine. Sweeten to taste, and add one bottle of soda. Put a clove into each glass before pouring out the

Eggnog. Ingredients: Six eggs, half a pound of sugar, half a pint of brandy or whisky, three pints of cream whipped to a froth. Beat the yolks of the eggs and the sugar together until it is a froth; add the brandy or whisky, next the whites of the eggs beaten to a stiff froth, and then the whipped cream.

Sherry, Claret, Or Catawba Cobblers

Put four or five table-spoonfuls of the wine into a glass with half a table - spoonful of sugar; one or two thin slices of orange or lemon may be added. Fill the glass with finely chopped ice. Now pour this from one glass to another once or twice, to mix well. Put then two or three strawberries, or a little of any of the fruit of the season, for a garnish. The beverage can not be completed without the addition of two straws.


Rub loaf-sugar over the peels of the lemons to absorb the oil; add to the lemon-juice the sugar to taste. Two lemons will make three glassfuls of lemonade, the remainder of the ingredients being water and plenty of ice chopped fine.

Tom And Jerry

Ingredients: Four eggs and six large spoonfuls of powdered sugar beaten together very light (a perfect froth), six small wine-glassfuls of rum, and one pint of boiling water.

Stir the water into the mixture, and then turn it back and forth into two pitchers, the pitchers being hot, and the glasses also hot. Grate nutmeg on the top of each glass, and drink immediately.


Bruise several tender sprigs of fresh mint in a tea-spoonful of sugar dissolved in a few table-spoonfuls of water. Fill the glass to one-third with brandy, claret, sherry, or any wine preferred, and the rest with finely pounded ice. Insert some sprigs of mint with the stems downward, so that the leaves above are in the shape of a bouquet. Drink through a straw.

Blackberry Cordial

Ingredients: Two quarts of blackberry juice, two pounds of loaf-sugar, half an ounce of powdered cinnamon, half an ounce of powdered allspice, half an ounce of powdered nutmeg, quarter of an ounce of powdered cloves.

Boil it all together two hours. Add, while hot, one pint of fourth-proof pure French brandy. Bottle it.

Currant Wine

To two quarts of the currant-juice (after the currants are pressed) add one quart of water and three and a half pounds of sugar. Let it stand in an open jar until it stops fermenting; then draw it off carefully, bottle, and cork it securely.

Raspberry Vinegar

Pour one quart of vinegar over three quarts of ripe black raspberries in a china vessel. Let it stand twenty-four hours, then strain it. Pour the liquor over three quarts of fresh raspberries, and let it infuse again for a day and night; strain again, and add one pound of white sugar to each pint of juice. Boil twenty minutes, skimming it well. Bottle when cold. When it is to be drunk, add one part of the raspberry vinegar to four parts of ice water.