As ladies hâve exclusive lunches, gentlemen hâve exclusive suppers. Nearly the same dishes are served for suppers as for lunches, although gentlemen generally prefer more game and wine. Sometimes they like fish suppers, with two or three or more varieties of fish, when nightmare might be written at the end of the bill of fare.

If one has not a reliable cook, it is very convenient to give thèse entertainments, as the hostess has a chance to station her-self in the cuisine, and personally superintend the supper.

One bill of fare is given for a fish supper: lst Course. - Raw oysters served in a block of ice (page 113). [The ice has a pretty effect in the gas-light.] 2d Course. - Shad, maître d'hôtel sauce, garnished with smelts. 3d Course. - Sweet-breads and tomato sauce. 4th Course. - Boiled sardines, on toast. 5th Course. - Deviled chicken, Cunard sauce. 6th Course. - Fillets of duck, with salad of lettuce. 7th Course. - Mayonnaise of salmon, garnished with shrimps. 8th Course. - Welsh rare-bit. 9th Course. - Charlotte Russe. l0th Course. - Ice-cream and cake.