Potato Soup (No. 1)

Fry seven or eight potatoes and a small sliced onion in a sauté pan in some butter or drippings - stock-pot fat is most excellent for this purpose. When they are a little colored, put them into two or three pints of hot water (stock would, of course, be better; yet hot water is oftenest used); add also a large heaping table - spoonful of chopped parsley. Let it boil until the potatoes are quite soft. Put all through the colan-der. Return the purée to the fire, and let it simmer two or three minutes. When just ready to serve, take the kettle off the fire; add plenty of salt and pepper, and the beaten yolks of two or three eggs. Do not let the soup boil when the eggs are in, as they would curdle.

Potato Soup (No. 2)

A very good soup for one which seems to have nothing in it.

Peel and cut up four rather large potatoes. When they are nearly done, pour off the water, and add one quart of hot wa-ter. Boil two hours, or until the potatoes are thoroughly dis-solved in the water. Add fresh boiling water as it boils away. When done, run it through the colander, adding three - fourths of a cupful of hot cream, a large table-spoonful of finely cut parsley, salt, and pepper. Bring it to the boiling-point, and serve.