Cut half a small onion into rather coarse slices, and fry them in a little hot butter in a sauté pan. Add to them then a quart can, or ten or eleven large tomatoes cut in pieces, after having skinned them, and also two sprigs of parsley. Let it cook about ten minutes, when remove the pieces of onion and parsley. Pass the tomato through a sieve. Put into the stew-pan butter the size of a pigeon's egg, and when it bubbles sprinkle in a tea-spoonf ul of flour; when it has cooked a minute, stir in the tomato pulp: season with pepper and salt. It is an im-provement to add a cupful or more of stock; however, if it is not at hand, it may be omitted.

Return the soup to the fire, and, when quite hot, add a cupful of fresh-boiled rice and half a tea-spoonful of soda.