Coleridge's Works

The Complete Works of Samuel Tay-lor Coleridge. With an Introductory Essay upon his Philosoph. ical and Theological Opinions. Edited by Professor W. G. T. Shedd. With Steel Portrait, and an Index. 7 vols., 12mo, Cloth, $2 00 per volume; $12 00 per set; Half Calf, $24 25.

Reber's Mediaeval Art

History of Mediaeval Art. By Dr. Franz von Reber. Translated and Augmented by Joseph Thacher Clarke. With 422 Illustrations, and a Glossary of Technical Terms. 8vo, Cloth, $5 00.

Reber's History Of Ancient Art

History of Ancient Art. By Dr. Franz von Reber. Revised by the Author. Translated and Augmented by Joseph Thacher Clarke. With 310 Illustrations and a Glossary of Technical Terms. 8vo, Cloth, $3 50,

Newcomb's Astronomy

Popular Astronomy. By Simon Newcomb, LL.D. With 112 Engravings, and 5 Maps of the Stars. 8vo, Cloth, $2 50; School Edition, 12mo, Cloth, $1 30.

Van-Lennep's Bible Lands

Bible Lands: their Modern Customs and Manners Illustrative of Scripture. By Henry J. Van - Lennep, D.D. 350 Engravings and 2 Colored Maps. 8vo, Cloth, $5 00; Sheep, $6 00; Half Morocco, $8 00.

Cesnola's Cyprus

Cyprus: its Ancient Cities, Tombs, and Temples. A Narrative of Researches and Excavations during Ten Years' Residence in that Island. By L. P. di Cesnola. With Portrait, Maps, and 400 Illustrations. 8vo, Cloth, Extra, Uncut Edges and Gilt Tops, $7 50.

Tennyson's Complete Poems

The Complete Poetical Works of Alfred, Lord Tennyson. With an Introductory Sketch by Anne Thackeray Ritchie. With Portraits and Illustrations. 8vo, Extra Cloth, Bevelled, Gilt Edges, $2 50.

Short's North Americans Of Antiquity

The North Americans of Antiquity. Their Origin, Migrations, and Type of Civilization Considered. By John T. Short. Illustrated. 8vo, Cloth, $3 00.

Flammarion's Atmosphere

Translated from the French of Camille Flammarion. With 10 Chromo-Lithographs and 86 Wood-cuts. 8vo, Cloth. $6 00; Half Calf, $8 25.

Grote's History Of Greece

12 vols., 12mo, Cloth, $18 00; Sheep, $22 80; Half Calf, $39 00,

"The Friendly Edition" Of Shakespeare's Works

Edited by W. J. Rolfe. In 20 vols. Illustrated. 16mo, Gilt Tops and Uncut Edges, Sheets, $27 00; Cloth, $30 00; Half Calf, $60 00 per Set.

Gieseler's Ecclesiastical History

A Text-Book of Church History. By Dr. John C. L. Gieseler. Translated from the Fourth Revised German Edition. Revised and Edited by Rev. Henry B. Smith, D.D. Vols. I., II., III., and IV., 8vo, Cloth, $2 25 each; Vol. V., 8vo, Cloth, $3 00. Complete Sets, 5 vols., Sueep, $14 50; Half Calf, $23 25.

Livingstone's Zambesi

Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambesi and its Tributaries, and of the Discovery of the Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa, 1858 to 1864. By David and Charles Livingstone. Illustrated. 8vo, Cloth, $5 00; Sheep, $5 50; Half Calf, $7 25.