Some Cold Roast Beet 10 oz. Flour. 2 oz. Butter.

A cupful of Water. Whites of 2 Eggs. Salt, Pepper, a scraping of Nutmeg.

Mix to a smooth batter the flour, with water or milk; melt the butter, stir into the flour with the whites of two eggs, whisked. Shred the beef as thin as possible, season to your taste, and add it to the batter; mix all well together, and drop with a spoon into boiling dripping or lard. Drain well from the fat. Serve hot.

Skim milk can be used instead of water, and by substituting half a teaspoonful of soda, no eggs need be used for the batter.

Fritters (Beef)

Take slices from the undercut of sirloin; flavour the batter with a seasoning of pepper, pounded allspice, and salt, and dip the slices of beef in it, and fry in boiling lard a nice brown. Take care the meat is well covered with batter.