Some Minced Mutton (raw is nicer than cooked), seasoned well with Pepper, Salt, and Nutmeg.

A suspicion of Onion.

A slice or two of White Bread, soaked in Milk. A tablespoonful Tomato Sauce, I Egg.

For I lb. of Meat - a quarter of a Nutmeg, half a teaspoonful of Pepper and Salt.

Mix all well together, roll in round shapes, put in egg and bread-crumbs, fry in hot fat. Stewed in a rich curry sauce, this is a nice entrée.

"Frickadels". Cape Recipe

First stew the Frickadel in a rich stock, in which a slice of browned onion has been put; when nearly done, add mushrooms, and let it stew gently, with a good lump of butter. With mushrooms they are most delicious.