Tomato Sauce, To Use Same Day

Boil one dozen tomatoes to a pulp; strain through a soup strainer, add salt, and pepper, and cayenne. Very nice with chops or cutlets, adding an ounce of butter, a teaspoonful of sugar.

Tomato, To Keep Sauce


40 large Ripe Tomatoes. lb. Coarse Salt. 2 tablespoonfuls of Sugar. 2 tablespoonfuls of Cloves.

2 tablespoonfuls of Mace.

3 Horseradish roots.

2 bottles of Vinegar.

2 tablespoonfuls of Ginger.

2 tablespoonfuls of Coriander Seeds.

6 large Onions; a little Garlic may be added. 8 large Red Chillies or more.

Take forty very ripe tomatoes cut into quarters, sprinkle with a quarter of a pound of salt, let it stand for three or four hours; drain off the water. Put the tomatoes in a stewpan with all the spices tied up in a muslin bag, slightly bruised. Boil for at least three hours, then strain through a coarse sieve; boil again for half an hour, bottle whilst hot

Tomato Sauce

Take eight pounds of tomatoes, cut and stew till tender; eight large onions, two cloves of garlic, the rind of six lemons, six bottles of vinegar, one spoonful of cloves, one spoonful of allspice, three tablespoonfuls of ginger, three tablespoonfuls of salt (spices to be crushed and put in a bag), fourteen red chillies; boil all well together for four hours, strain through a sieve. Add the juice of six lemons. Cork while hot

Tomato Sauce


40 lb. Ripe Tomatoes.

1 oz. Peeled Garlic.

2 lb. Loaf Sugar. 1 lb. Salt.

1 oz. Cayenne, or 8 Red Chillies.

2 oz. Black Pepper. 2 oz. Cloves.

4 oz. Ginger.

3 quarts of the Best Vinegar.

First boil the tomatoes until the skins and seeds separate freely, strain through a coarse sieve that will retain seeds and skins. To this juice add the above ingredients tied in a muslin bag. Boil all well for an hour or more, till the juice is quite creamy and thick. Bottle and cork securely: keep in a cool place.