2 lb. of Mutton (2 lb. of thick rib make a nice dish).

2 Large Onions.

2 sour Apples or Tomatoes. 2 teaspoonfuls of Sugar.

I teaspoonful of Salt.

I tablespoonful of Vinegar.

I tablespoonful of good Curry Powder (if not sure of the Curry Powder add a teaspoonful of Indian Currie Paste).

Cut the mutton in nice little pieces. Fry the mutton and onion a nice brown, cut the apple or tomato in slices, mix with curry powder and other ingredients; stir all well together. If the meat is lean a small piece of butter is an improvement. Simmer for two hours gently. Serve with boiled rice. Cold meat cut in slices, and simmered in this mixture of curry, etc., for two hours, does very well.

Curry. This Was Taught Me By An Indian Cook

Take three pounds of mutton out of the leg; cut into small, square pieces, and put into the pot. Slice up a large onion thinly; put that on the top of the meat. Now make a paste of two tablespoonfuls of curry powder, one tablespoonful of brown sugar, two tablespoonfuls of vinegar. If apples are in season, slice up two or three and add to it. Stir all together, and put this on the top of the sliced onions. Shut up the pot; let it simmer gently. No water to be added. After an hour, stir all well together. Let it simmer gently another hour. Just before' serving, if it should be dry, add half a cup of milk and a tablespoonful of tomato sauce. Serve with rice.