Apple Hedgehog-Apple Shape. A Apple Hedgehog, Or Iced Apples


3 doz. good Cooking Applet.

lb. Sugar.

I pint Water.

A few Sweet Almonds.

The rind of half a Lemon minced very fine. The whites of 2 Eggs. 3 tablespoons of Pounded Sugar.

Peel and core a dozen of the apples without dividing-, then stew in a tin-lined saucepan with half-pound of sugar and pint of water, and when tender lift them carefully on a dish. Have ready the remainder of the apples cored and sliced, put them into the same syrup with the lemon-peel, and boil gently till reduced to a pulp; keep stirring to prevent burning. Cover the bottom of a dish with some of this apple marmalade, then a layer of the whole apples, and fill up the cavities with the marmalade, then another layer, and so on, forming the whole in a raised oval shape. Whip the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, mix with the pounded sugar, and cover the apples very smoothly all over with the icing. Blanch and cut some almonds into four or five strips, stick these strips in upright at equal distances over the icing like the spines of a hedgehog, and place the dish in a slow oven for a few minutes before serving.

A Nice Way Of Cooking Apples

Wipe the apples, but do not peel them, core, quarter, and cut into slices. Have ready some syrup, made in the proportions of a pound of sugar (or three-quarters, if they are very sweet apples) to a pint of water, boiled quickly for five minutes - either moist or crystallised sugar. Throw the apples into the boiling syrup, boil rapidly for one hour, reckoning from its first boiling up - stir frequently. It should then be clear, and jellied, and stiff. The rapid boiling drives off the watery particles in steam. Allow one pound of sugar to half-a-dozen apples. Cloves, cinnamon, or lemon-peel, may be added to taste,

Apple Cake


1 lb. Apples, reeled and cored, cut in quarters.

I lb. White Sugar. pint of Water.

Boil the syrup, then add the apples, let them boil till quite soft and in a pulp. Add the juice and rind of a lemon grated. To be done over a quick fire-half an hour. Put into a mould; serve cold, with custard or cream.

Apple Shape


I lb. Apples. 1 lb. Sugar.

of an oz. of Gelatine.

A little Lemon or Clove seasoning.

Add a tea-cup of water to the sugar, boil for five minutes. Cut the apples neatly into quarters, core them, stew in the syrup till quite clear. Take out the apples and put them neatly in a buttered mould, soak the gelatine, add to the syrup, let it boil a little, and when slightly cooled pour into the mould. Turn out when cold, serve with custard or whipped cream. Very nice indeed.

Stewed Apples And Custard


8 good-sized Apples. 4 Cloves. | pint Water.

lb. Sugar.

The rind of half a Lemon.

pint Custard. (See CustaRD.)

I dor. Almonds.

Pare and core the apples, but do not divide them, and, if possible, leave on the stalks; boil the sugar and water for ten minutes, then put into the syrup with lemon-rind and cloves, simmer gently till tender. Do not let them break. Then reduce the syrup by boiling quickly, let it cool a little, then pour over the apples. Have ready half a pint of thick custard, pour round the apples. Lastly, stick into the apples one dozen almonds, blanched and cut into strips. Takes twenty to thirty minutes to stew. This quantity will fill a large glass dish.