(Commonly called " Mebos.") Take soft ripe apricots, lay them in salt water (about two ounces of salt to a quart bottle) for a few hours. Then lay them on a mat to dry in the sun; the next day press them between the hands to flatten, and to let the stone come out. The next day repeat the process. At the Cape it generally dries and becomes "Mebos" in three or four days in the sun, but if the weather should be damp, they might be dried in heated rooms, or a cool oven. To crystallise the Mebos, lay them in lime water (see Lime Water) for five minutes, till they feel nice and tender, take out, wipe dry on a soft cloth, and rub coarse crystallised white sugar well into each; take one and a half pounds of sugar to one pound of Mebos. Pack closely with lots of sugar in between, in jars that will cork well. A very nice sweetmeat, and said to be a remedy for sea-sickness.