10 lb. Round of Beef (the boas taken out) 2 teaspoons of Salt. 2 teaspoons of Fine Pepper. 1 oz. Fine Saltpetre.

A teaspoon of Ginger, Mace, Allspice, Cloves, and Coriander Seeds (altogether).

A tablespoon of Vinegar.

Strips of Fat Bacon for larding.

Tablespoon of Brown sugar.

Hang the beef till quite tender. The day before cooking, spread over it a mixture of the above spices, moistened with vinegar. The next day fill the hole where the bone was taken out with a highly seasoned stuffing of breadcrumbs, suet, parsley, thyme, and a few shreds of onion; skewer, and roll a good shape; lard with strips of fat bacon. Put it on a small tripod on a baking-dish into the oven. Baste the meat continually with a little lard and gravy. Half an hour before the meat is done, pour over it half a tumbler of red wine into which a spoonful of flour has been Stirred.

This is excellent cold, and takes four or five hours to cook.

Another Recipe For Beef A La Mode. A nice way of stewing beef. An old " Constantia" Recipe


6 lb. or 8 lb. of Round of Beef.

3 large Onions.

8 or 10 Cloves, Allspice, Pepper.

a tumbler of Wine and Vinegar or Tomato Sauce. A few Bay Leaves and some Carrots.

Slightly brown the onions in butter or dripping. Skewer the meat, if a round; but it may be any other part - ribs, etc.