Beef Fritters - Broiled Beef Steak

Lay the onions on the top. Put it in a Dutch baking-pot (see p. viii.) with spices, vinegar, etc., and let all simmer for two hours, basting occasionally. It should be a nice brown. If it should want a little gravy, add some stock and half a cup of tomato sauce.

Beef Olives

Cut rump steaks into strips three or four inches long, quarter of an inch thick. Sprinkle with fine bread-crumbs, pepper, salt, thyme; roll up, tie with a thread. Fry some onions in butter or fat; add to this one pint of water and some bay leaves. Stew the beef gently for an hour. Just before serving, remove the thread and dredge the gravy with some brown flour to thicken.

Spiced Beef


15 lb. Centre Ribs of Beef. 1 lb. Salt. lb. Sugar.

2 oz. Saltpetre.

2 oz. Cloves.

2 oz. Allspice.

2 doz. Coriander Seeds.

Bruise these spices. Moisten all the ingredients with a cup of vinegar; rub well into the beef; let it remain five or six days in the mixture. Boil gently for five hours. Take care to let the water boil when you put in the meat.